Beauty Tuesday- Candy Cane Scrub and Love

My girls were begging me to take them to the Nail Spa and I just wanted to spend a little time with them making some memories at home! They both asked, “Please, Mom can we go get our nails done?” I looked down at my feet and to no surprise.. they were in dire need of some love and a little surprise!  I remembered reading Victoria McGinley’s post a few weeks ago on her d.i.y. coconut scrub, and I knew in an instant this is what we would do. It would be a win/win for my spa lovin’ girls and a mommy needing some connection time, too.

Directions for Candy Cane Scrub and Love:
Mix 2-3 tablespoons semi-solid coconut oil in a small bowl, add salt or sugar (approximately 1.5 tsp to the coconut oil to create a pasty consistency) We added 1 tsp coconut sugar, and 1 tsp salt. Next we added peppermint oil. You can add any essential oil you have in the pantry. I also love using lavender, or vanilla. We dangled our feet over the tub and put the scrub all over our feet! Then, we danced around in the tub (Heidi’s idea to get it mushed in really good). Of course, we listened to Karoline’s favorite song “Fancy” as we danced. After that I washed off our feet and put lotion on everyones’ toes. We topped the spa day off by putting on striped peppermint inspired socks to really get the moisture to soak in while we curled up and watched “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2″ again (smile). The peppermint was cool and refreshing and a delightful mix to our lazy afternoon. My feet were also surprisingly soft. Our D.I.Y. beauty day was complete.  I’m so thankful for the little times like these with my girls. What are some special beauty D.I.Y.’s you like to do? Please share in the comments below.

xoxo, and Candy Canes, too! Ali

Note- Special Thanks to Victoria for allowing me to post a spin on her awesome Coconut Scrub. Click here to see  Victoria’s  post on www.vmacandcheese.