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Airrosti Giveth-Fitness Friday Post

I am a big fan of living well and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I began Crossfit about 4 years ago and haven’t stopped. I was introduced to Airrosti through Crossfit. Both have become more mainstream in the last four years. Airrosti is for everyone, not just athletes. Today, the blog post is about what to do to prevent injuries and recover faster from injuries, thus part of  “fitness style” and having a “fit” life.  Hope you enjoy the post!

Airrosti- Just one visit to an Airrosti Center and you will see why they are the Sports Injury Recovery Experts.  Not just for serious athletes, Airrosti provides service for any soft-tissue injury. That covers everything from back pain from stationary sitting job, to manipulation for TMJ.

I discovered Airrosti after my first some what serious injury at Crossfit.  This was back in July 2010.  I say somewhat serious because I flipped my ankle coming off a box jump. My family had a vacation planned in Hawaii the following week and no way was I going to miss out on the surf, sand, and hiking explorations.  

I ‘ll never forget my first visit.  Dr Perry, the provider at Airrosti clinic in New Braunfels, Tx., understood my psychological pains concerning the injury, as well as the physical and even teased me a little about my type A. personality. I wanted to get better and back on the move as quickly as possible. I was so thankful that I found someone who understood it was just not possible for me to just sit on the couch and ice my ankle. I’m not one to slow down. Next, he performed a soft-tissue manipulation of the tissues around my ankle.  After that, the certified recovery specialist taped up my ankle and showed me some exercises to strengthen the ankle.  Then, Dr. Perry had me do a few box jumps.  I was terrified, and completely afraid that it was impossible with an injured ankle.  I was proved wrong.  2 visits later, I was almost good as new, taped up, and on my way to Hawaii!

 I have visited Airrosti each time I have had any sort of soft-tissue injury since then.  I’m 41, lead an active life, and have 3 kids to keep up with.  I can’t  afford to be laid out.  Airrosti gets you on the road to recovery quickly, safely, and affordably.  To learn more about Airrosti click here.

**My sweet neighbor, Jamie Carpenter, who is an Airrosti Recovery Specialist taped my arm and shoulders for this post!  She also took the awesome photos for the post** Thank you, Jamie!

** All opinions are my own! I was invited and attended an Airrosti lunch and learn, and was not obligated to post after the lunch and learn. I LOVE Airrosti!**