Farfetch- Designers and Boutiques from around the world

Farfetch– Designers and Boutiques from around the world.

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you new website and app Farfetch.  I have always loved Boutique shopping, especially luxury, high-end boutiques with carefully edited collections.  I’m not sure of all the reasons but I know I started boutique shopping versus going to big department stores in high-school and college.  It’s like visiting a art gallery but full of clothes instead of paintings and pictures.  The experience draws you in..

In my “younger” years, my favorites included Cotton Island , and Tootsies, in Dallas, Tx.  I loved finding and wearing unique things that no else had.  It was also a great way to discover new, up and coming designers.  As I grew up and finished college, I obsessed in learning how and what was involved in owning a boutique.  Now, as a previous boutique owner, I know that these owners spend a lot of time really trying to focus on what their customer wants and giving a fabulous presentation of their goods and services. I also have a litte ADD, so going into a huge department store can be overwhelming for me with so many choices. I like shopping the edited, the new- yet to be discovered designers, and being ahead of the fashion curve.  I also like the personalized service that comes with shopping at boutiques.

Farfetch is just that.. a Far- Fetched idea of bringing the gorgeous clothes, and accessories from the best boutiques around the world directly to you online.  As I scrolled through the designers at their site, my mind thought back to flipping through Vogue as a child.  This is voyeurism shopping at it’s best!  I also realized that after looking at $2k plus Valentino pretties that the $300 price tag to wear 3.1 Phillip Lim didn’t seem so bad.  Ah -ha! That’s how they draw me in.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter what the strategy is, it works.  I love how Fetch is organized by boutique and by designer.  Click on say a Isabel Marant skirt and below there is a picture of the boutique in Milan which is selling the skirt!  Of course this makes me want to travel to Milan and see the boutique for myself!

The beautiful clothes at FarFetch are special, unique, and I could save a months’ worth of paychecks just to buy my first and probably only Valentino dress!  Some may say I’m a clothes snob, but I don’t see it that way.  This is Art.. Art that you wear.. and justifyably most of the clothese sold on this site will still be drool-worthy for the rest of my life-time.  My closet isn’t as full as most of my friends, but I have carefully selected pieces that I love and wear year after year.  This is what Farfetch is all about.

If you are a style-maven or keep up with techy-trending fashion sites you will love Farfetch.  Have a favorite boutique from shopping expeditions on your travels and vacations?? There is a good chance you will find it here.

Here are a few of my favorite stateside boutiques that sell their merchandise through FarFetch- American Rag, and from my home state of Texas, 4510, By George, and Tootsies (cool y’all)!

Love shopping on the go?? So check it out.. you can download the Farfetch app to your Iphone. Try out Farfetch Discover first hand by winning a weekend trip for 2 people to a city of your choice from those featured on the app, including flights and hotel. Click here for details.

Here’s my dreamy wardrobe picks compliments of Farfetch!

 What outfits are you dying to own?? What’s on your dream list?? Have a fabulous rest of the week!
I hope you enjoyed checking out these beautiful, amazing things from Farfetch with me today!
xoxo, Ali
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